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In this devastated City of Seoul, Fight to Survive

The Zombie Apocalypse. It occurred all out of the blue on a global scale. Despite any attacks, Zombies rise repeatedly, leading to the downfall of countless cities.

Arriving at the last Shelter in Seoul, Republic of Korea, you must sneak into the dangerous City and come back with Resources to carry on with your life.

GAME INFO 02 A Life-and-Death Extraction Survival
within the PvPvE World

You must infiltrate the city full of Zombies and other Survivors to collect useful items and sell them or complete missions. Zombies are drawn to sounds, and upon spotting human beings, they chase after them. Cover yourselves and move in silence. Survival hinges on murdering others and plundering their belongings.

GAME INFO 03 New World and New Class Society

Make good use of the Resources you have collected. Repair Equipment and satisfy your Hunger. Sell what you can and make money.

Ownership of higher Citizen Class will grant you access to more and more. Your Citizen Class determines privileges and access levels.