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Demise of the Earth:
Prelude to the Resource War

Chaos struck the Earth, causing fragments of the moon to fall in regions where anti-gravity phenomena began to surface.
This gave rise to a new substance, Lunium.

Now, the Resource War for coveted Lunium ignites within the unions, an essential element for fueling 'Swift Gliders.' These items grant the ability to traverse the newly created anti-gravity landscapes.

GAME INFO 02 Even Faster, Even Fiercer

Quick judgement is essential to conquer the speedy battleground. Grasping the game quickly allows for engaging in thrilling combat actions. Stay alert all the time as a single wrong move can change the tide of battle.

GAME INFO 03 Endless Fun with Various Modes

Enjoy a variety of modes, each requiring unique strategies—Team Deathmatch, Control Conquest, Command Siege, Escort, and Raider. Unexpected circumstances may arise anywhere and anytime. Find your own unique playstyle and lead your team to victory.