Explore the mysterious sea and the Blue Hole!

Welcome to 'DAVE THE DIVER', a marine adventure
game set in the mysterious Blue Hole.

Explore the enchanting sea with the main character
Dave, and uncover the secrets of the Blue Hole.

GAME INFO 02 Explore the mysterious Blue Hole!

An enchanting sea full of all kinds of giant creatures and fish species.
Collect fresh ingredients while avoiding the threat of menacing creatures.
Wonderous marine ecosystems and mysterious ancient artifacts.
A sea full of mysteries and puzzles.

GAME INFO 03 A sushi restaurant only open at night

When diving is done for the day and the sun sets, the sushi restaurant opens.
Use the fresh ingredients you caught to make and sell special sushi!
If word gets around, a special customer may pay a surprise visit!

GAME INFO 04 Danger lurks in the deep sea

Beware! The strange Blue Hole caused by an strange phenomenon harbors an unknown creature that awaits you.
Always make sure your gear is well strengthened.
It will be essential to defending yourself against giant creatures.